alexandria.voices: Reinvention of Qualitative Research

alexandria.voices is the result of the union between new research technologies and 150 years of methodological and analytical legacy of the Human Sciences, applied to understand what is important in people’s lives.

Adapting the search methods to digital is not enough. To get to know human behavior in depth, research needs to take place from the real context in which people live and communicate. For this reason, the alexandria.voices methodology is anchored in the culture of a population increasingly connected and dependent on the voice to transmit information.

On the one hand, alexandria.voices uses the alexandria.interactive digital dashboard, which puts your brand in touch with your target audience to respond, real-time, key questions to your business.

On the other, alexandria.voices relies on methodologies from sociology and anthropology to ask relevant questions and interpret subjective and contextualized results to produce intelligence and relevance.

alexandria.voices does not offer research factoids, with cheap emotions and anecdotes. With specific methodologies of the study of the Human Sciences, the result brings the regularities and dissonances that appear by the comparison of the voices of hundreds of people.

There are 700,000 people, from all social class, spread all over Brazil, ready to share their opinions from their own cell phone, at the time and place they are most comfortable and in a way they are already familiar with.

alexandria.voices does not adapt traditional research to digital, but it reinvents the research from the technologies people use to socialize and interact today. With the technique of video interviews using a mobile application, alexandria.voices combines the power of new technologies with tradition and the interpretative rigor of the Human Sciences.