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Big Data Platform

Alexandria automatizes the processes of data construction, management, collection and organization, integrating information from different sources and formats into a single database.

Alexandria applies innovative and robust technologies that support managing millions of data without losing speed, stability and security. It has no restriction of number of variables and is totally customizable to each client needs.

Among its many capabilities, is the ultra-segmentation for direct campaigns, intelligence and predicting behaviors. Furthermore, Alexandria allows real time data integration.

Last, but not least, Alexandria supports you to improve direct communication performance and maximize resources.

  • Intuitive

  • 24 hour customer support

  • Affordable Information (Dashboard)

  • Insights

  • Data validation

  • Real-time Research

  • Unlimited Volume and Variables

  • Costumizable

  • Dynamic, Fast and Secure Fields

  • Data Integration

  • Stable

  • Reliable


Integration of data from different sources and formats into a single database, increasing the possibilities of obtaining information;

Eliminates data import double work;

Eliminates the chance of error by identifying duplicate data, ensuring the quality of the information;

Facilitates data management through a single dashboard;

Increase the efficiency of communication with your target audience;

Identify your target audience through the cross-referencing of behavioral, geographic and economic data;

Optimizes the target audience identification, having a more efficient communication.

Ensures the productivity from data collection.

Reduces the probability of errors;

Reduces time spent targeting and importing data;

Reduces the time spent with data imports failures;

Eliminates unnecessary expenses and ensures more effectiveness – you can focus your financial efforts exclusively on your audience;

Friendly to work with database, with visual through graphs, tables or maps (geolocation);

Complete support and tutorials.


  • Integration of data via file import, collection of records or API;
  • Up-to-date and innovative technology:
  • No limits for data storage;

  • Technical Assistance;
  • Hadoop Technology;
  • ElasticSearch Technology.